I am in the ruins/chapel near the beach you arrive on after the ship at the start of the game. If I save while hiding, reload the save, and then take any action (including to stop hiding, with TMB on or off) most/all light sources stop working and instead generate pitch black jagged edged shadows. Darkvision does not penetrate these, but I can still see using darkvision in areas that didn't have nearby lightsources. Seems to only hit placed light sources, not natural light coming from outside. (For example, a brazier generates a pool of jagged-edged darkness, and a hall with many candelabras is just completely swathed in it.)

I don't know if it is related, but when loading into a save where I am stealthed, all the light is initially very bright and then after several seconds adjusts downward a couple times until it becomes normal for the map.

This is all using DX11. Using Vulcan I kept having issues where the game would drop to 1 (or less) FPS until I reloaded a save. Seemed to only happen when approaching doors, but that could have been coincidence.

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