Sorry, I’m going to skip the rest, because we can go back and forth on details, which is probably distracting from my point, and this is the key point:

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And maybe those games handle the movement better.

Aaaand that's precisely what we are trying to argue in favor of even here. Because we want a game with better controls. Because it would make the experience better for everyone. Even in face of your useful attitude "No, guys, it may be difficult, let's not even try".

Yes! I agree that the movement should be improved. I’m NOT defending what we have now, and I’m NOT saying they shouldn’t try. I’ve suggested several areas that I think should be improved.

All I’m saying is that you can breakdown the movement control into 2 steps:
1. UI interface where the player indicates where they want the character or characters to go.
2. The scripts/subroutines/whatever the programming term is to move the characters into position.

The only significant thing I disagree with you (and most others apparently) is whether the jankiness is mainly coming from step 1 or 2. So much of the discussion is about the ability to multi-select characters, draw a box around characters, etc like in the good old days. But the assumption seems to be that the ability to do so would mean that characters smoothly move into position together whilst staying in formation. I’m very sceptical that that’s the case.

Try this hypothetical situation- Larian see all the requests to multi select characters, draw boxes, etc. basically copying the old BG movement UI. After they release an update with the new system you try to move a group of characters and they move one after the other just as they do now. Would you think they made a worthwhile change or would you say they spent their time making a system just as broken as before?

What I’m trying to say is that I think the biggest difference between what we have and what everybody wants isn’t the chained/unchained business. There’s no good reason the game can’t treat a group chained together the same way as a multi selected group. I think the issue is tthe code that tells characters how to move from A to B. I suspect the real reason for the following behavior is to avoid characters trying to move into the same space and crashing into each other. If so, that would make the UI difference a red herring.

As I said before, chaining and unchaining characters could really use some shortcuts as well, but that should be the easy part.

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