I love how combat work, so I won't have anything to say here. Turn based, tactics fights are my way to go.

What I would like to see is more makers on the map, not just area and quest, but locations and specific buildings, exits from areas aaand maby more important npcs? I totally mossed Wyll on my playthrough same with Zorrou. I don't know how, but still. Also It would be nice for journal option "show on map" to work, because it doesn't work for me now.

From other things - of course fix that wizard can learn all spells and add more of theeem laugh

I too felt like for some companions they where to quick to jump with my character into same bed. For Astarion it kinda work, same with Shadowheart... but Lae'Zel? Och boy she also was so angry with me (as I didn't took her with me too often) and made me angry rant how I will not know how she feels... That was cringe and hilarious at the same time. Maybe it was supposed to be XD
But I think it is unfair to get more character growth in just few levels and one main area. As I see it other games there are areas, many, many areas. They give feel thay you were in different places done many things and have many plot hooks for you and other characters. For now we only had two big areas and one plot hook for every character plus main plot for whole team. I think we should wait for more story to be able to judge it properly.

What I would like to see is a bit more verbal reactions from our companions like with Loviathar priest scene. Simply to give a little bit more feel into dialogs.

Last - tiny thing, but important - icon for passive rolls should not be always an eye as we have several different rols. For instance: sleigh of hand, arcana, nature, histoy, stelth... and so on.
Pch and I almost forgoth - it would be better is opening locks to have dice rolled like with disarming traps not just progres bar.