I've been compiling a big list of the feedback i've seen here and on reddit, a lot of it is in your first feedback compendium thread. Happy to post it if you'd like to sticky it over there?

# Feedback Compendium

# Hot Ticket Items

# XP from encounters resolved without violence

Killing everything is currently far more rewarding for character progression and XP, but in D&D a DM would award equal XP and loot opportunities for solving encounters with your characters powerfull non-combat abilities.

# Reactions

Automatic reactions take a lot of control away from the player, and the concern is that we don't get access to higher level class features and spells which might prove that this system would not work without significantly changing these abilities. EG Counterspell, Cutting Words, (Improved) Warding Flare, Uncanny Dodge, etc.

# Party Size

Concerns around a 4 man party include the feeling that "niche" classes may not fit into a typical lineup. Larger more diverse parties are to be preferred.

# Rest System

Currently there are no restrictions on Long Rests, meaning there is no incentive to complete the "6-8" encounters per day that the D&D 5e spell slot and class features systems are balanced for. Allowing players to over-rest without consequence or risk trivialises the game content.


General Feedback observed below;

# Controls

* Camera - "Locked" camera height/tilt - undesired behaviour and lack of freedom.
* Party splitting is cumbersome with the drag/chain mechanic
* Jumping the whole party over an obsticle is cumbersome

# Gameplay

* Larion/DOS1/2 Features vs Pure D&D 5E - The debate.

1. Divinity "Surfaces"
2. Divinty "Arrows"
3. Height Advantages - Too strong? (Full advantage)
4. Backstab Advantages - Too strong? (Full advantage)
5. "Weapon" abilities (Charge on spear, Cleave on greatsword)

* "Surfaces" on cantrips seems strong - eg. Ray of Frost knockdown
* Grasping Vine ground affects are annoying
* Automated Reaction lack of player control concerns for complex/powerfull reaction abilities like Counterspell, Cutting Words, (Improved) Warding Flare, Uncanny Dodge, etc.
* Party based Dialogue vs the character who initiated the dialogue

1. The ability to use any characters stats to perform a relevant check in conversation
2. The ability to use any characters special/hidden conversation options
3. The ability to use out of combat spells like Friends, Detect Thoughts, Guidance, etc
4. "Ambush" dialogues in multiplayer create a negative experience when a player can miss content (or indeed a player starting a dialogue manually without the rest of the party)

* Starting Equipment Selection - items given not currently as per the 5E standards for some classes
* XP is lower for solving encounters with non-violent solutions
* Rest System too simple, unlimited long rests without consequence makes all content too easy.
* Feats missing (Adding varient human race a good way to test these?)
* Party pathfinding is poor, resulting in characters walking through fire etc
* Athletics/Acrobatics proficiency and checks have no use

1. Should affect Jump distance?
2. Should affect how much vertical movement costs you in combat?

* Loot Clutter
* Lots of empty containers to loot
* Too easy to steal from vendors (no guards)
* Party Size - concerns that niche classes don't have a place in 4 man parties.
* "Keys" stick around in your inventory after they've been used (clutter)
* Multiple skill checks of the same type in a dialogue is not traditional D&D. If its "hard" to convince someone, make the DC hard. Don't ask us to beat a DC 2-3+ times.

# D&D 5E rules errors

* Two spells - the PHB states that if a player casts a spell as a bonus action you cannot cast another spell except a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action. (NOTE: Casting two full spells if you have two full actions ie Potion of Speed or Action Surge, is legal, it is just illeagal to use both your action and bonus action to cast full spells on your turn (also meaning casting full spells as a reaction is always legal)) - [This can lead to very strong combos at present](https://gfycat.com/wellgroomedhauntingelectriceel)
* Any class can cast any scroll - Should be restricted to only spells on your classes spell list, and requires an Arcana Check
* Wizards can learn all spells - Should be restricted to spells on the Wizard spell list.
* Spell Preperation - Currently classes which require spell preperation can change them at any time, but this should only be allowed during/as the result of a long rest.
* Jump/Disengage, Shove & Hide being bonus actions for everyone

1. Muscles in on the Rogue/Monk exclusive class territory
2. Increases action econemy for all classes, specifically those who stay at range.
3. "Shove" bonus action is Shield Master feat feature

* Dodge action missing
* "Ready" action missing (useful for letting the enemy come to you)
* Versitile weapons not working
* Spear is not Versitile (should be)
* Standing up from "downed" on your turn consumes your action, should be half your move (or as your reaction if healing word is used)
* Spells and Bows have greatly reduced ranges
* Potion of Speed gives you haste for only 3 rounds instead of 1 minute (\~10 rounds)
* Current implementation of Frightened is incorrect, as it makes you move and uses up your action (making the rest of the effect pointless, as you couldn't make any checks or attack rolls to have disadvantage on). Should just make it impossible for you to move towards the source of your fear voluntarily.

# Classes


* Shadowheart has strangely low dex and dex based medium armor. Trickster is also considered one of the worst subclasses of Cleric, consider changing her to something else for a better game experience.
* Clerics often want to dump dex because they get proficiency in heavy armour, should start with the option for Chain Mail, leather or scale mail.
* Should start with a light crossbow, as one is not provided unfamiliar players may not realise they can use simple ranged weapons.
* Should have the option to start with a Warhammer (Versitile for 2h builds) as well as a shield.
* Warding Flare doesn't seem to work at all, combat log doesn't show disadvantage on attackers rolls, very very [unlikely crits still happen](https://gfycat.com/realisticfriendlygrebe)
* Improved Warding Flare would seem to be impossible due to the automatic reaction system currently in place (see above)


* Versitile weapons not currently working as intended with a shield in some cases
* Spear missing the versitile tag/option
* Reach weapons are missing 'Reach' (Double melee range)
* Should start with Chain Mail or Leather (Finesse/dex builds)
* Should have the option to start with one weapon and shield or two weapons.


* Include the Favoured Foe feature for Rangers; Hunters Mark can be cast for free as a bonus action (not requiring a spell slot, or concentration) **\[Wisdom Modifier\]** number of times per day.
* Include more "Favoured Foe" types, including ones using other cantrips like Thorn Whip and Green Flame Blade
* Rangers should start with a Longbow and two melee weapons, either two short swords or any two simple melee weapons
* Ammunition to be considered, or a special interaction with the "Divinity" special effect arrows (on use, affect the next X shots for Rangers?)
* Quivers missing, should at least be visually present. Ideally an item with the potential for magic items etc.
* Speak with animals should get the same "recast for free" mechanics as speak with dead.
* Rangers actually get to cast this for free under the new ranger UA class revision, soon to be printed by WoTC
* Collossus slayer bugged and not triggering on every hit vs injured enemies (should be limited to once per turn, but sometimes doesn't trigger at all)


* Expertise level 1 class feature missing (double proficiency in two skills, or one skill and theives tools)
* Should be able to start with a Rapier or shortsword, as well as a cross bow or another short sword and two daggers (always)
* Sneak Attack as a unique button makes no sense and is not intuative. Damage should just be added and rolled if conditions are met (and the player educated better about how it works, possibly by highlighting when a sneak attack might be possible on a target with some UI indicators)
* Sneak attack being incorrectly calculated, game is rolling 1D6 and then using a fomula to multiply that by how many sneak attack dice is appropriate from the PHB table. Should just roll those multiple D6s for a more smooth average result.
* Height granting advantage is particularly problematic here, as this will provide a very easy way to grant advantage and therefore sneak attack damage. 5e does not neccesarily allow for extremely focused ranged sneak attack (rogues would not normally get such easy access to advantage at range)
* Cunning action gives a full and free bonus action (which can be used to offhand attack) but should be limited to dash, hide, disengage (Obviously changed because hide/disengage is a bonus action for everyone)
* Astarion's starting armor is padded, rather than leather (disadvantage on stealth) - seems like a strange choice for a rogue?


* Should start with Leather armour
* Should start with a light crossbow or any simple weapon


* Magic Missle can miss, currently. Should not ever be able to miss except under rare circumstances due to reactions by the target. (ie reaction spell) Its hitting terrain at present.
* Arcane Ward in the Abjuration school is not working as per 5e rules.
* Improved Arcane Ward at 6th level 'Projected Ward' would seem to be impossible due to the automatic reaction system currently in place (see above)
* Sculpt Seplls subclass feature missing in the Evocation School. (No aoe spells present ingame right now)

Druid (currently NPC)

* Wildshape druids die when they get to 0 HP, they should revert to their pre-wildshape state and HP with any excess damage spilling over to the druid form. (The only druids we have in game are NPCs right now, so its possible this was intentional to make fighting them a reasonable experience, rather than 3 lifebars)

# UI

* Skill Bar Clutter

1. Bar unlocking every save game load
2. Spells having a unique button for each spell slot level
3. New items adding themselves into "spaces" you leave open for skills only available at certain times (Hunters mark free recast bonus action, eg)

* Dice Rolls - see more dice rolls on screen, as an option for people to enable/disable as suited? Initiative, Attack, Damage, Death Saves.. etc.
* Left Alt doesn't highlight everything
* Spells with a casting target of "Self" shouldn't need to have a target clicked, as there is only one valid target: self.

# Cosmetic/Art

* Hide Helmet option

# AI

* Monsters currently seem to have very simple attack decision making. Often targetting low health, low AC and downed players. This is efficient, but meta-gamey. Monsters should generally have a motivation, and act within it (protect cub/nest/eggs, kill intruders, protect pack/clan) this would have them attack the largest threat to that motivation (player clostest to eggs, closest player, player who hurt queen) rather than something specific like "mage in cloth, easy to hit, dangerous ranged attacker with low health".
* Humanoid or intelligent attackers can justify using skills to attack back lines with ranged attacks, but probably still wouldn't run past a front line tank and expose their back to the hulking armoured spear wielding martial warrior in order to go gank the back lines.
* Golbins are a good example here, a DM would usually play them like a pack of 6-12, some attacking with bows from cover/concealment and then a wedge of melee who would stick together on one target to try and overwhelm. Individually weak creatures, they're unlikely to dive the back lines with scimitars, rather all try to take down the heavy armoured dangerous looking fellow at the front while the arrows come flying in from the rest of the pack. Goblins should generally have some hobgoblin or bugbear leading the pack, which means you can tie their tactics to the presence of this NPC and have them go into more disarray when they are killed.
* Currently playing softer classes is quite frustrating as they get focussed a lot by attackers.
* Monsters go to extreme lengths to attack downed party members (you wouldn't play with that DM for long!)

# Multiplayer Issues

* ~~Conversation save bug - sometimes players get stuck with the conversation icon over their head even though they are not conversing, prevents the host from saving (Workaround, talk to an NPC and end the conversation)~~ Fixed
* Conversations between PCs in multiplayer cause strange graphical errors, camera in floor, characters missing features/limbs, and not all characters speak when their dialogue is selected.
* One character can start a combat even with other characters present, and they still join initiative "after" the first round has been started and miss their first turn.
* Some companion characters will refuse to talk to some player characters at all
* Short rest doesn't currently require confirmation from any other players, but this should be the case especially as some classes have resources which reset on short rest, while others just heal.