My feedback for what it’s worth reading through this thread:

1. End of dungeon gold and loot in general.... In so many RPG's I've picked up every dropped basic sword and flogged them to a merchant for a pittance. Then looked at every container/chest to pick out the 2/3 gold and any other item that is worth something. This game is no different so far and killing the Goblin Leader/Warlord resulted in a bit of gold in his treasure trove, but this could have been a hoard and I would not have to bother with looting every container and corpse. There are also a lot of containers in the game, I found shed loads of scrolls!

2. Level ranges...... One of my irritations with DOS2 was a 'basic guard’ in one act would level scale (to a certain extent) with the players in the next act/chapter, the same with ‘bosses’. With BG3 the Druids are weak, at level 4 I would wipe out the entire encampment because they are ‘level scaled’ with the player at game start. This brings another DOS2 failing that often the best way to progress was to kill everything on the map to gain the XP and loot. Could we have more of a range of levels to stop the PC wiping out everyone and to allow a sense of achievement, so at level 1 sneaking around and ambushing small groups of goblins, maybe adding poison, using allies etc to take down the bigger guys (I like the ally options to deal with the goblin leadership. I always enjoy RPG’s where you become more powerful and that can change your strategy, so meeting the goblins in Act 1 you have to pretend your friendly and pick your fights, while in Act 2 you could go in via the front gate and have an epic battle with loads of them. Act 3 they become somewhat irrelevant. So in my mind the NPC’s should be more balanced, villagers and basic characters all at the level 1-2, trained and experienced soldiers at level 3-4 and troop leaders or significant characters at 6-8. Then the great enemies in the game will be 9-12 on the basis the PC character can only reach 10.

3. Of the gameplay niggles my biggest are:
• Using food as healing potions
• UI around spells, as I get new spells, have loads of scrolls it gets hard to pick out what I want
• NPC in team not getting involved in dialogues, I don’t want to pick the team member with the best ‘skills’ to lead the conversation (i.e. if my character is Drow and would get a negative view, pick say Gale to do the talking). I want my PC to lead the conversation and my party members to add their bit
• Team pathfinding (walking in acid, fire etc). DOS2 they stopped and I had to force them through