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I just got to this part in the Goblin camp area - the Worg Pens, specifically.

I approached the cage, saw the goblin kids tossing rocks at the bear. I chastised them, and told them to stop, but they did not. My choices were to attack the bear, attack the children, or leave.

I then attempted to leave, so I could decide what to do, and there was a cutscene, the Bear broke out, and went hostile towards me, because I had not immediately started attacking the goblin children in dialogue. The bear remained hostile towards me, even though I spent all my turns attacking the goblins and none attacking the bear. Needless to say, it was a hopeless battle which led to a TPK.

I'm not a huge fan of "If you're not evil, you must attack these children right away." Even leaving aside morality, that's not very intuitive, nor does it allow for any sort of flexible approach or strategy. I do not like it.

The way the deaths of children are handled seems to be exaggerated and over the top, like it's trying to be edgy to make a point about how edgy it is to have the deaths of children in the game.

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I know that I have failed a dialog check that resulted in the death of a tiefling child, so it would seem that this imagined immunity from death is just that, imagined.

That's dialogue. I think he means you can't force-attack the Tiefling children in the camp. I haven't tried that so don't know if it's accurate, though.

The DC for the Tiefling child death is 18 for Persuasion and 20 for Nature, which are extremely high for level 2-3 characters, and the game offers no way to mitigate that or have a partial success. It's pass a DC 18 or watch a child die in agony, sucker.

I failed it on my Rogue, but passed it on my Ranger. I don't recall what the roll was supposed to be. It's not like I'm actively trying to run around and force attack children, Goblin or otherwise either.