Some issues today:
- Tiefling tails, sometimes stretch really weird during or after jumping. Noticed especially at the entrance to the Kuo-Toa

- Sometimes Tiefling-characters are invisible after loading. Sometimes arms, or tails stay visible. Altering the clothing fixes the issue

- There seem to be pretty nasty bugs with dual-wielding hand-crossbows. Or maybe something else is going on. Would be cool if someone could confirm this. Anyway since Astarion uses 2 hand-crossbows, he crashes the game, whenever he climbs a ladder or vines or anything similar. I tried switching the crossbows for a bow and... the game crashed! Yay! Also tried again, to unequip the crossbows. Offhand worked fine. Mainhand... crashed the game.

- I don't know if this is a bug or more of an oversight: When you go into the Underdark straight from the blighted village and then head to the druegr, the game will tell you, they are wearing the sign of the Absolute, even if you did not see the sign before.
Again: I don't know if there's a hidden "knows about the Absolute"-tag (in which case it is a bug) or if it's just static dialogue (in which case it's an oversight).