Character Creation
- A "Random" button because I just want to play a random character and not think about making it.
- Instead of clicking through the entire list hairstyles or whatever, allow for a selection menu that shows each one all at once.

- Damage should not be nerfed in the tutorial, or if it is not intended to be, then there is a bug. If I have a bow that does 1D6+3 then the minimum I should do on a hit is 4 damage, but I have been getting 2 or sometimes 1 damage.
- I want to see dice rolls in the battle log. I want to see what my "to hit" rolls were, and my damage rolls. This was a function in BG1&2. This would make catching problems easier, and also make it more D&D. There have been too many times that on Sneak attack with 1d6+5+1d6 I get 7 damage, which means I rolled 2 1's.
- Surfaces are way too OP. Also, something like darkness done with an arrow by an enemy, has no effect on enemies in the area, which makes no sense. It's an AOE that is a cloud, it does not discern who is in the cloud.
- Similarly, clouds or smoke, should not interrupt the path of a spell or arrow. It should limit accuracy. If an enemy is in a dark cloud, I should still be able to shoot at them, just with disadvantage.
- Moving the camera during combat, when there is major height difference is a nightmare.

- When entering a menu (Character sheet, inventory, etc) pause the game. I opened the map, and somehow ended on the roof of a building.
- The map. We need to be able to add markers to the map. Also, it needs to be clickable, in that I want to be able to click on an area, and have the camera take me there so I can then click on the ground and have my characters walk there. This would also help eliminate the need to Waypoints, which are weird, and make no sense. For fast travel you can use already designated spots, like the druid grove, tea house, or goblin camp as the fast travel points.
- Inventory. whenever reading a book, or note the inventory window closes, meaning if I want to read several things I have to open inventory each time. Frustrating.
- Containers. Either make dedicated containers for keys, scrolls, potions, or allow us to rename sacks. Also, when putting items into certain containers it will scroll back up to the top after putting something in, so then we have to scroll back down to load up the container. It's very tedious.
- More noticeable EXP bar, along with actual amount of EXP and EXP to next level.
- Wares. Sell all wares button.
- Switching between characters when trading with someone shouldn't remove everything that you've already put up to sell.

- I like the 4 person party. I see why people want up to 6, it allows for more characters to be used, and a better rounded out party, but currently all the fights would be too easy with 6 people.
- When examining a special weapon it should say what kind of weapon it is.
- Books and maps. When I read a map, I better damn well see a map, not a written description of that map. Similarly when I read a book, or a note, or whatever I want to read the words, not a description of the content. Both would be fine.
- Dice rolls. Show the DC on top then underneath have modifiers, and what I need to roll.
- So much clutter. If I open a container on the ground that is labeled bile of books, I hope that I would at least be able to find one book to pull out of it. Similarly there is just too many containers to search through. I know in DOS you had luck which made it more worthwhile, so either implement a luck roll when looking through a crate, or whatever, or just get rid.
- On leveling up either highlight in red, or do not allow for feats or proficiencies that the character already has to be selected.
- A better economy. Why am I paying twice as much for a leather armor +1 than the stated value?

Overall, I am really enjoying this game and can't wait to see how it comes out in the end.