Yeah totally! +1

The first time I realized I could WASD the cam and explore everything that way it really took me out of it.

I think the game should have multiple difficulty settings and fog of war for anything outside the line of sight should be standard for whatever setting corresponds to "Core Rules" or advanced difficulty setting.

It would actually be ideal to have at least 4 difficulty settings, maybe more but 4 is a good start.

1. Story Time (easiest setting)
2. Normal (default setting)
3. Core Rules ( advanced setting, by the book 5e D&D)
4. Hard (same as the above but with buffs to the encounters, less loot, more prohibitive resting or whatever for Ironman death wishers)

This would give them some room to play a little loose with some things in the storytime or normal homebrew difficulty setting, make it easier or more enjoyable for casual players. While giving players who want it more by the book to have something with fewer surfaces fog of war etc.

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