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I played Astarion's origin for 30 minutes and I already regret it. another case of "Larian's Idea of 'cool game gimmic' undermine its game's story", specifically spoiing the companion. I think the only way origin characters can work is to not to play them in the first playthrough

Can you be more specific? I’m not planning on playing Astarion, but I’m curious nonetheless.

It is kind of a big spoiler (at least it was for me, maybe it was shown somewhere and I just missed it) so read at your own risk:
when you first go to the camp you get a vision of your master and he recites the rules Astarion has to follow. I don't remember all of them, but the important ones: not to feed on intelligent creatures, not to leave the master, and, that he is the property of the master. after the vision, you can feed on shadowheart but it seems like it always fails for some reason. well we are not supposed to have access to it yet so I can't complain about that.

How were you able to play a bit as him? I thought the origin characters weren't available yet for EA?