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You DO see dice rolls in the Battle Log if you mouse over the "hits" and "misses" words in there. However that does not help too much as computer generated RNG is intransparent.

In my first play session of EA I had a Fighter (BM) using two-handed weapons that over the course of the entire first act NEVER, NOT ONCE rolled an attack roll that was in the double digits. It was so bad I stopped playing her and started over before I got into the Goblin Camp. I only started counting after I noticed something was not right, but I stopped at 105 attack rolls, at least a third of them with advantage, all between 2 and 8. On a 20 sided die. And I'm talking about the initial roll, not the outcome after subtracting GWM and adding proficiency etc. This character had no problem hitting okay with a bow by the way.

Mind you, this is of course possible in theory, but how likely is it, and how fun (well I kinda answered that one)?

In cases like this one you may as well look at the rolls but you still have to accept that RNG says your dice are cursed and you can't do jack shit about it.

This is why actually seeing dice roll on screen would be nice, and also a way to jail those dice that decide to fuck you over.

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