Here's my feedback. Will update later.

( Issues/Bugs / Suggestions )


• More sliders, especially for lips and noses. At least it would be great to change the lip colour 

Loading Screen:

• show tips for gameplay, infos about races, places or certain characters etc

• Game freezes in loading screen (this happens after every 3rd load)


• Hit Rate is not working properly (even with very high %, most attacks will miss)

• Minor clipping issues

Quest related: Will was killed in that first battle, before I could speak to him in the Druid Cove. I didn't know he was one of my companions.

Quest related: Ethel was nowhere to be found in that cave. Also rescued the pregnant girl but couldn't talk to her

Quest related: Story goes nowhere after killing / not killing the Githyanki patrol. There's nothing to be found on the bodies.

Quest related: Halsin quest bugged? After freeing him from the cell he gets hostile and attacks everyone (my party icluded)

• Goblin drums should not be working after being destroyed (still, all goblins were able to call for backup on the magical invisible drums I destroyed just moments before) 

• Characters disappearing from Camp / not talkable to. (Shadowheart disappeared from camp after I switched her with Gale. Similar problem with Lae’zel - she won’t dissappear, but I can't talk to her anymore)

• Let companions auto-jump (in my playthroughs I had to jump each character separately)

• Empty barrels / boxes / vases should be marked empty

• Some romances seem a bit unbalanced in EA. Gale has a lot of screentime, whereas other characters don't get that much attention.

• Some races have way more dialogue options than others. Half drows/elves seem to not have much variance in dialogue compared to full-blooded drows/elves. 

• The Lockpicking time bar: maybe change it to a dice roll as well.

• So little armor pieces for loot

• Please add an optional 3rd person camera

• Please add more lighting effects to some areas (mist, fire, sunrays, moonshine, fireflies) to create beautiful In-Game screenshots

• Weather changes would be wonderful

• Dialogues should not be skipable with space bar. It made me give answers I didn't want to.

• In the beginning I didn't use the camp very often, so I missed a lot of interesting camp conversations. Some hints i.e. "new conversation available in camp / XYZ wants to talk to you" would be nice


• More precise Search function

• Being able to send multiple items to a party member

That's all for now.

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