I guess this is the best place to write down the feedback I have.

Based around 20 hours of gameplay. I've played Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 countless times (BG2 is my favorite game of all times), NWN, I DM for my family on 5E, and also enjoyed D:OS 2 a lot. That's my background in short.

Mostly enjoying BG3 early access so far but I feel like my enjoyment has reduced a bit in the 5 or so last hours I've played through. This could be a combination of me being slow initially which led to the most crippling bugs being patched *before* I encountered them, and the feeling of progression being stalled after reaching level 4 (which I did some ten or more hours ago).

Regardless I feel the game has potential to be truly great and my dearest wish is just to contribute in however small a way to make it more enjoyable for all.

Feedback per category:

- I'd like a camera with 3 degrees of freedom. I like playing close to my character to experience the world as close to "first person" as possible, but currently all options of cameras severely limit the field of vision and I can't really see what is around us.
- Combat camera is too limited as well - sometimes enemies that are in range cannot be seen which is really annoying.

- I would like to make it more obvious where a click will move your character in the exploration mode (like the circle cursor on the original Baldur's Gate). This is especially frustrating when you have several levels around and click on the top level that is "behind" by mistake.
- It is very frustrating to have to move characters one by one when moving to an area that can only been accessible by jumping, especially since you need to unbind them from the main group to make sure you have enough space. A "group jump" feature would be awesome.
- Likewise, sometimes surfaces cause issues with group pathfinding. Sometimes characters refuse to move as it would imply them moving directly through a dangerous surface. I would like to have the option to "move the group" (think, like in the original Baldur's Gate) instead of moving the main character and relying on the AI to follow me. This would also ensure that I can engage combat with all my characters close to the frontline already.

Character creation
- Maybe the menus could use some re-ordering? The order of selection is not the clearest.
- The attributes repartition is really a bit unfun. If you are using a race that doesn't have any bonus in your key stat the highest you can get is 15, which is really low. I get that letting players go to 20 at level 1 might feel "too powerful", but at least having an 18 (or a 16 if you don't have racial bonuses) would be appreciated.
- Overall I find the character creation amazing. Thank you for giving us all these options to create and customize our characters quite in depth!

Okay here I am a bit on the fence. I like both the D:OS 2 combat and the 5E combat systems, but I am really not sold on this system that is a bastard child of the two. The fact that characters are limited to one action per turn (5E) makes the ability to deal damage to multiple targets immensely valuable (especially considering the damage output of single attacks is usually quite low). This obviously has the consequence of making flasks/arrows and surfaces overpowered. The fact that they are everywhere is obnoxious.

So, in bullet points (with additional ideas as well):
- Less surfaces (already said by everyone), or give the option to entirely negate the damage (for example, DEX saving throw = you don't take fire damage at all while being/walking through fire, etc.)
- Distances feel either too long or movement speeds too short. The worst case scenario for that is the concert on the beach where my melee character felt absolutely useless. Missing two turns because you need to get into position is unfun.
- Since it is so important to get in good positions in combat (high ground, backstab, etc.), I'd like to see a highlighted zone of my "remaining available movement", updated as you get into an intermediate position.
- Attack of opportunity areas should be more clearly highlighted.
- I don't understand why a character that has a spell of light active (typically my human fighter has a spell of light on her sword) still gets disadvantage in MELEE when a enemy is "hidden by shadows"?! I get that light around you won't help you range far opponents but in melee it makes no sense to me. Could be a bug though, not sure.
- For rogues, make it a lot clearer when you have sneak attack and when you do not. Sneak attack should also not be a power you need to toggle, it should automatically give you sneak attack if you meet the conditions.
- Enemy AI feels very smart, always targeting the weakest characters in the group. Obviously this is something that will improve as the game gets out of early access but I'd like to see different "intelligence levels" for enemies. Having a fighter as a tank is basically useless since all enemies will target the mages anyway.

Character progression
- I would like to have an option to toggle "maximum HP per level", or save/reload until I get the maximum number of HP on level up. Having weak characters is unfun and ultimately I think it should be up to player preference.
- I know this is early access but it looks like the amount of content available should allow us to get up to level 5, 6 or even 7? My characters had enough XP to get to level 5 five hours ago, yet enemies still keep increasing in lethality - character progression feels stalled and I find myself having to rest after every fight now.

Loot & items
- I'd like to see more heavy armors. The heaviest I found so far was a chainmail.
- Personal preference, I'd like to have an option to wear helmets but toggle the graphics out (i.e. still getting the benefits of wearing a helmet without it appearing).

- Obviously it feels quite weird to be the only non-doubled character in the entire world, but I guess there are too many lines of dialogue to hope having a fully-voiced character.
- Probably a known bug already, "jump cuts" from a pose to another when the dialogue moves from one line to the next.

After reading the forums I feel like unlike most posters I mostly enjoy the companions. Clearly there is a lack of good-aligned companions as all available so far are neutral at best but I guess this will be addressed. I like Gale, Astarion is evil as hell but quite fun, and I haven't played with Wyll or Laeze'l yet (next playthrough). I don't mind Shadowheart but I'd just like to have more options to be blunt with her.

It's fine if your companions are mean, if you have the option to match their tone. That could create an interesting dynamic, but I feel like the main character is a bit too mild-mannered compared to the people they travel with.

Okay that's pretty much it. The graphics are absolutely dope and I love the freedom of choice we get!
Loving it so far. Coming back for more soon.