Hmmm being a lady gamer myself your feelings are alltogether lost on me...

Astarion - a bit too much like Zevran but still quite entertaining
Gale and Wyll are both manly (maybe Wyll a bit more than Gale but still) and seem to have solid backstories
Shadowheart is actually a lot sweeter than she lets on, I suppose could have something to do with her memory wipe
Ok Lae'zel could go burn in the seven hells for all I care, but I can see how she could be someone's cup of tea

Surely none of them is the proverbial knight in the shinning armor, that you were obviously expecting, but I actually prefer it that way.

It would be also interesting to learn how you came to deduce Larian had something against women?

And if I may which PC game character is your reference for a well done romance?