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Gale and Wyll are both manly (maybe Wyll a bit more than Gale but still) and seem to have solid backstories
Shadowheart is actually a lot sweeter than she lets on, I suppose could have something to do with her memory wipe

Out of curiosity, do they let on a lot more in the EA? I brought Gale along to the end, but he does not in any way seem "manly", though he is fun to bring along and I enjoy having him in party. As for Wyll, I'm completely lost on that one, from what I've seen it's like a Peter Pan child stuck in an adults body. He's so childishly insufferable I couldn't bring myself to like him, so I don't know if he becomes manly if you bring him along a lot.

Shadowheart has a great opportunity to change as a character and open up more, but it's either bugged right now or horribly written with the whole, "don't talk to me, you're not the company I'd keep, etc." turning into a friendly discussion of "oh I like you, let's talk more" to "why are you talking to me" to "let's drink, spend all night talking and kiss" to "that'll never happen again".

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