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How..exactly would you define 'manly'? Are you looking for the strong and silent type or ..?

There's plenty of ways one can be "manly" I would think, there can be a strong and silent type, there can be a light-hearted jokester, or any spectrum, but there's a certain way to present it. Wyll comes off to me as naive, childish and [to me] like a grade schooler imagining himself as a fantasy hero would behave. Perhaps I'm being unfair to Gale though, he definitely has more mature moments to him and I can see him being more "manly" with additional character development.

I personally think Gale and Asterion are the two best companions in EA, with Shadowheart having the potential but being either bugged or needing some work to progression on it. I also really enjoyed how Gale's dialogue includes actions you've done in the EA and would be a good drinking buddy (there needs to be less "romance" emphasis and more bromance or buddy stuff this early in game)