Below are some of my comments / suggestions – gameplay related only (technical issues / bugs in the other Thread)


• I would appreciate more sliders, especially for lips and noses (at least it would be great to change the lip colour)

Loading Screen:

• Show more D&D related artwork, more tips for gameplay, infos about races, lore etc


• Hit Rate is not working properly right now? Even with very high %, most attacks will miss

• Let companions auto-jump

• Empty barrels / boxes / vases should be marked empty

• Please give the cutscenes some extra love. Right now most of it seems unfinished (I know it's EA, but...)

• Lockpicking time bar: maybe change it to a dice roll as well

• So little armor for loot, did I miss something?

• Please add an optional 3rd person camera

• Please add more lighting effects to some areas (mist, fire, sunrays, moonshine, fireflies) to create beautiful In-Game screenshots

• Changing weather would be wonderful too

• In the beginning I didn't use the camp very often, so I missed a lot of interesting camp conversations. Some hints eg. "new conversation available in camp / XYZ wants to talk to you" would be nice

• Some races have way more dialogue options than others. Half drows/elves seem to not have much variance in dialogue compared to full-blooded drows/elves


• Some characters seem a bit unbalanced. Gale has a lot of screentime (eg. Weave scene), whereas other characters don't get that much attention


• More precise Search function

• Being able to send multiple items to a party member

Otherwise, EA has a lot of potential and is looking great so far. wave
Oh and I love these oldschool smilies.

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