[quote=Sigi98]We're talking about a fantasy world in which exists magic and hundreds of different gods, planes, and even going to literal hell seems not that far from everyday life. And people are saying its unrealistic that everyone is bisexual....../quote]

*adjusts glasses*

Well, being technical with how odds works, it would be unrealistic.

Side notes:
- There are also only 30 gods in the Forgotten Realms
- There aren't THAT many planes , especially if you exclude transitive, the never used "quasi-transitive" and Sigi - which, btw, I would rather DIE than pronounce SIG-il.
- The Hells are frequented by many across spheres and planes, but those are individuals who typically have the means to and want more power than they currently have - mages and the like. More often people beseech devils and summon them from where they are and make their bargains that way. This just happened to feel like it because a city that is about 1 day away from you just returned from it and its leaving some ripples.


What is the problem you are solving? Does your proposed change solve the problem? Is your change feasible? What else will be affected by your change? Will your change impact revenue? Does your change align with the goals and strategies of the organizations (Larian, WotC)?