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If OP had worded this differently it would most likely be a different conversation regarding the lack of the inclusion of (and Ill just use the name here because if I said "them" we'd all know who I am talking about) Michael Fassbender a la Prometheus, Ryan Gosling a la Driver, Nick Offerman a la Parks and Rec, and Jon Hamm 24x7.

Deriding inclusion usually doesn't go down well.

While, for obvious reasons, I'm in general in favor of not turning these discussions into communal mockery(don't think its going to happen though), the OPs wording, that's sprinkled with deriding right wing gender trolling terminology and thirsting after the look of a fictional war criminal responsible for setting of weapons of mass destruction on elves, makes me assume the exclusion of others (different subjects) is a central part of the inclusivity the OP seeks. It's the presences/inclusions they passionately object to, not the absences/exclusions.

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