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I think no one here has anything against women just because there is not a manly-man companion nor a "maiden of the household" one, and I speak as someone who 9/10 times hate anything related to "SJW" or "wokeness".
I think that stereotypes are just boring and were well exploited by games of the '80s-2000 era. Even because I think both Gale and Wyl are quite masculine. One is a gallant wizard who could well play a role on one of my grandmas classic latino-fiction, the other is a charming, brawny man who plays hero and basically fucks a succubus.

Aside from this, if everyone starts to ask for a companion who represents "his/her type", the game is never going to be released.
Furthermore, at the start of the game you can even design the perfect example of "who you dream of at night"!

So Will got insane mystical power and in exchange , he must have sex with a demon woman that is specialized in it ? What a cruel fate for Will. Poor, poor Will.

I know it right? xD