I don't like any of the companions or their romance options for two major reasons.

The first reason is that all of the companions felt to me that we where treading the same ground and rehashing the same tropes from Larians previous games. The old its not plagiarism if I word it differently meme. This is more predominant with some companions(I'm looking at you shadowheart) than others. It even feels like some Dragon Age was sprinkled in here and there and I'm genuinely disheartened that they didn't set out to write characters after making a list of common game companion tropes and removing them from the pool of ideas. There was no reason for them not to push forward in this department when they have dedicated writers and there are some notable figureheads in the modern high fantasy literature department that would have been abundantly happy to offer advise and expertise pro bono had they asked for it.

The second reason is that the companions are... off. I understand they are all being written so that they can be main characters but this not only makes them all feel inauthentic and artificial but also detracts from my experience with my own character just like it did in DivOS2. My MC feels lesser, like he is a side character and just along for the ride. I was not a fan of this mechanic in DivOS2 but it didn't bother me so much on account of it being Larians IP but this time it isn't and I don't feel it should have made a comeback. I am hesitant to actually dole out criticism for them individually as my reading on these forums so far has given me the impression that it will be met with hostility rather than earnest debate but when it comes to the romances I feel as though they are unnecessary and when coupled with sex scenes very tasteless.

I am here to discuss a video game. Please do not try to rope me into anything other than that. Thank you.