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The second reason is that the companions are... off. I understand they are all being written so that they can be main characters but this not only makes them all feel inauthentic and artificial but also detracts from my experience with my own character just like it did in DivOS2. My MC feels lesser, like he is a side character and just along for the ride. I was not a fan of this mechanic in DivOS2 but it didn't bother me so much on account of it being Larians IP but this time it isn't and I don't feel it should have made a comeback. I am hesitant to actually dole out criticism for them individually as my reading on these forums so far has given me the impression that it will be met with hostility rather than earnest debate but when it comes to the romances I feel as though they are unnecessary and when coupled with sex scenes very tasteless.

Here i don't think that your problem is the companions being special as much as our 'custom character' being extra generic (and lovingly nicknamed Tav McBlanderson by some folk on a thread dedicated to this particular issue.)
The romances could for sure use some more content, because yes, rn, they feel too superficial and could hardly be called romances, but it's EA.... who knows what the romances are actually going to look like in the long run.