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If we could just stop derailing from the subject because of some politics and namecalling, that would be great.

Those days are past now. The OP did (intentionally or not) use some words that are likely to trigger a sizeable portion of the current RPG-player population. Some have expressed doubt as to the gender of the OP. I could point them to places where they could find many actual females expressing such views. It is an 'age' (maybe a word too big) of division and mental bubbles. The ability of the those subscribed to one of the mutually exclusive worldviews to even understand the opposite position is fading.
It will not end well... but even the best of endings rarely satisfy.

On Topic: Why not have some 'manly' (the word alone causes debate these days), men showing attributes traditionally associated with manliness? I don't really care. Having a few characters without serious psychological issues would be nice. I feel that these days many people confuse interesting with insane characters. The kind of hero adored and praised by the ancients would be considered boring and 'one dimensional' today. It's all a mirror for societies. I am not here to judge whether or not that is a good thing, I am merely pointing out an observation. Maybe the traditional hero type of character should also be represented? As far as I am concerned fewer characters and more resources spent on their interactions beats more companion choices.

Okay dude, most women don't call themselves "females" and the ones who are on that side are suffering Stockholm syndrome and internalized crap and a half. It's not a good way to live, I've seen trying to live like that wreck people. Do some lean that way? Yeah, and they tend to get pushed forward as voices when they do because it's so damn rare.