Not me. I played near the end of chapter 1 as a warlock. Wyll didn't make it into the group because I didn't see how 2 mage build would work for a party of 4. I Would have possibly picked him into the party over Astarion, if he were rogue, since the latter just doesn't come off as very dependable sort and I prefer the company of seasoned perverts you don't have to introduce novel good concepts like polite introductions or consent to. I don't find Astarion intolerable either, though. I only had a few camp interactions with Wyll after he joined up and he didn't strike to me as particularly "fake". People seem to complain he's juvenile and thinks too highly of himself, but he didn't seem any more deluded or otherwise annoying than the rest of the party members.

If he's very similar to Anomen though, I'm possibly going to keep restricting him to campsite heroics and pick Gale over him to fill the mage role.

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