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I hope there's some feedback from Larian soon. Would be nice to know if they have acknowledged that there is some serious flaws with the current way hits game handles movement and character control.

Yeah, I know it's not exactly realistic to expect someone from Larian to suddenly butt into the thread and say "We are doing exactly what you guys are asking", but I must admit I'm growing increasingly anxious to have ANY sign from the studio that they are aware these controls are in a dire need of a revamp, because the longer they stay as they are, the less likely it becomes to see the issue addressed later in production.

It's a worry even about other areas of the game, because as I said the flaws of this controls scheme act as a bad foundation to build up on even for other features (i.e. a possible increased in party size).

Hopefully there will at least be some kind of respons from Larian soon. Maybe a longer post or vlog where they address the more common complaints and critiques from the community.