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Well it is strange that all the character are bisexual. In previous Baldurs gate game, all the character leaned toward one or the other gender , not both. I v already said this, but making everyone pansexual, everyone ready to fuck you at the camp party is totally unrealistic and kill a part of their identity. Its makes all the character the same, and make dialogue irrelevant.

Lae'zel : see me as a monster, wants to kill me
Gayle : Likes me
Will : neutral
Shadowhearth : Hate me, tell me to stop talking to her whenever she can.
Astarion : Charming and secretive, still tried to kill me and bite me.

Guess what? They all want to have sex with you at the camp party. Doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, doesn't matter if you got along with them or if they disapproved every single reaction beforehand. Everyone is open bar, free to get taken.

I enjoyed the long dialogues with Baldurs gate2 companions, and the fact that you had to give the good answers AND be the good gender AND do their quest right to have a chance to go with them. It made sense. You weren't the same person if you tried to date Viconia or if you wanted to be with Aerith.

While I do agree with almost everything you have said I would just like to add something on to it if you don't mind.

The most jarring thing for me is that this desire for you does not produce any of the prevalent side effects you would expect from a real person. Then I realized that this is because there is no actual romance development as of yet in the game. As you said, everyone wants to jump your bones regardless of any other conditions. I don't really care about their sexual orientation as it doesn't bother me in the slightest as I grew up with a gay older brother(I'm straight if that helps) but it does bother me that you don't need to interact with them almost at all. It shattered whatever illusion I was holding until this point that we where creating a special bond or truly getting to know each other and finding that we are similar souls. I can sort of understand this if there is no intention of implementing any kind of happy ever after but that is a red flag for me in and off itself. It's another choice I am not being afforded by the game and runs contrary to every precedent set in the series, the source material, and the nature of RPGs.

I am here to discuss a video game. Please do not try to rope me into anything other than that. Thank you.