Some option reveals that Lae'zel has quite intense self doubts. She fears that she is not good enough for her people

Aside from that: She is somehwat close to a Spartan, I agree.

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One of the best things you can do is have a normative NPC. Someone who will say "geez whats up with these guys am I right?" and share a beer with you. Later, when all of your things are gone and youre missing a pinky, and youre crawling out of the gutter not knowing what part of the city, HOPEfully its the same city, you are in you think back to all the things they said and wonder how you didn't put it all together. You probably did know it was coming, but by god, you wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. The others are of course mildly disgusted that you could be taken in that easily by someone.

So you want to add more statistically unlikely stuff by having the only 'normal' guy be the biggest traitor? Usually the people with issues and big secrets are the ones that are the most dangerous

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I sometimes use thought experiments. I don't necessarily believe in every idea I post for discussion on this forum