The thing is these characters aren't just unlikeable, the three "unlikeable" characters are outright hated by me (not necessarily a bad thing, mind you), the mind flayer parasites are the only thing keeping me from killing them, Lae'zel is very unkind but at least useful, but then there's Shadowheart who is just rude for little reason and is pretty useless, and Astarion, who
outright freaking kills you if you don't tell him to stop drinking your blood
- that's not to mention that neither of the three seems to approve of general kindness, so far my favourite is Wyll, he's kind, but also has the ruthless side against goblins, or to get information he needs.

I'd say the two "well-done" characters so far are Wyll and Lae'zel, though Wyll being called the "Blade of Frontiers" with those stats is silly, as is Lae'zel being level 1..

Gale is too much of a snowflake, Shadowheart is just too antisocial and rude, and Astarion.. I mean... just no, would've actually killed him if he wasn't so useful in combat.

As for future companions? Well, the potential druid seems kind enough, as does the potential ranger, though I'm interested in more details about the ranger, hopefully not too goody two-shoes considering her situation..

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