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Astarion os not gay.

I am pretty sure he is bi

I'm pretty sure it goes for everyone in the cast.
It seems to be the new standard.
Everyone must be pansexual otherwise someone in the audience will take it as a personal offense and a form of discrimination.

It didnt bother me in the Mass Effect series. I think what made it work was they all had personalities and youd go do stuff with them and have story lines. Ive never had a bae like Tali in any game. Vetra was my bae in Andromeda but Mrs. Normandy is my soulmate. Right now its "Hey, I saw you not letting a snake strangle a kid...wanna bang?"

What is the problem you are solving? Does your proposed change solve the problem? Is your change feasible? What else will be affected by your change? Will your change impact revenue? Does your change align with the goals and strategies of the organizations (Larian, WotC)?