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Well, the good news is everyone here just has a normal conversation with it lol.

Poor trolls, we always turn their posts in normal conversations lol

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I like Shadowheart she seems to me at least a little submissive to my main character.

I more or less like her as well, but as far as reasons to like her go, this has to be one of the creepiest one.

Then again you're at least being honest and that's probably the problem a lot of people here are having with these "terrible" companions.

I just hope that english is not his native language and he meant to use a different word because it does sound super creepy.

On the topic, I'm pretty satisfied with romance choices personally. At least we have few guys now and not just one Annoymen (just no).
I wonder who my fellow female players find the most interesting for romance? And also did anyone romance Will? I have no idea how to trigger his romance and I have the highest approval.