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He just seems to be an arrogant blowhard; the other characters are at least interesting but all this guy is a fake a hero; is there anything redeemable about him?

Anomen was like that too, at first.

While I don't find Wyll to be bad with what we have available in the game, I wouldn't consider him similar to Anomen. Anomen is arrogant and condescending yes but he is still trying to understand the people around him and do good in the world. Wyll is going down a much more questionable path and has much more questionable motivations. It's unfair to boil either of them down to "they are irritating because they are prideful".

And they're both lying in a way. Both play the hero , even though Anomen never was one, and Will has much darker secret. But yeah, they are different characters, with different motivations of course. I didn't mean to say they were the same.

Anomen? Playing the hero? When you encounter Anomen for the first time he is in a den of scum and villainy and actively trying to aid the situation while recognizing that he cannot do so on his own. He is not taking advantage of his status as a noble or his family name, wealth and influence but standing present, boots to the floor at ground zero. Anomen is trying to be a hero in a very real and literal sense and working past his flaws. I understand your point but these characters are just not similar past "arrogant and condescending".

I am here to discuss a video game. Please do not try to rope me into anything other than that. Thank you.