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It didnt bother me in the Mass Effect series. I think what made it work was they all had personalities and youd go do stuff with them and have story lines. Ive never had a bae like Tali in any game. Vetra was my bae in Andromeda but Mrs. Normandy is my soulmate. Right now its "Hey, I saw you not letting a snake strangle a kid...wanna bang?"

Even though I don't like Dragon Age Inquisition I like how they made everyone having gender and race preferences. It felt realistic. When everyone is bi, romance usually feels weird for the same gender, because they always make romance for opposite gender in mind.

I think the other part of it was you were more of the pursuer. People you're not interested in making it clear they want a piece of you is like "uh, heh, alright thanks for the compliment...im gonna go over here now..." Its creepy regardless of your sexuality. ME andromeda made it even easier by putting the <3 by the "lets get freaky and busy, in that order" option. Persona 5 also had the "lets go do something together" moments - where, if I am honest, as a DM it would be pretty cool to have 2 person quests in the game for relationships. I think it should be a little more player driven right now beyond the # of boxes checked for an NPC to get hot and bothered near you.

I've wanted romance related quests in games for a long time! That's definitely a more interesting way to show and develope romance. That's why I'm actually glad we get sex scene early in the game. Usually sex is the end of romance and here I hope we can get a good development of romance after first act and maybe even some quests.