While Anomen was never my favorite romance and I tended to just use mods, I did like his character arc and how he was written. He went from a douchebag to a fairly decent human being (albeit still realtively prideful), and he IS a very good cleric, especially if you sort out his quest in a good way. For my canon ToB parties I swapped him and Viconia and they both kicked ass.

I haven't gotten far with Wyll, but it would be interesting to see where he goes. He did strike me as a more of a "fake" hero type, but lets see. I never hate on party members from the start, just tend to try and figure out where they are coming from, whats their secret, and which path are they going.

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There are three things that are strength incarnate: there is love of life, there is fear of death, and there is family. A family that loves death would have a strong pull indeed.