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I was kind of disturbed with how fast that Astarion started to flirt with me(being as a guy). I mean it was like the first night camping and I told him that he was standing too close. GTFO dude we just met and you're all up in my grill. Lae'zel I can see having a romance with. Shadowheart well I thought she would be a romance option but the more and more I am around her, she is starting to irritate me. Just keeping her around for her healing abilities.

I wouldn't mind romancing the bard who sings the song in the druid cove.

He is only wants you for your blood.

Lazel gets heated later "You could have had me!" She also goes on to yell at you RE: how she will basically pleasure herself tonight and you will never know the pleasure that could have been yours. (you get this conversation if you betray her in anyway, or if you choose someone over her during the evil line at least) It could also have to do with your rep with her, no idea yet.

Shadowheart is distant, her im thinking her time with her "sisters" has done something to her mind (being a follower of shar, losing her memories to the coven, you know evil cleric stuff)

Yeah looks like I will be going to the water fountain to level up my Lae'zel brownie points to get her to have a good time in tent city tonight lol.

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