Character creation note*
*from baldurs gate 1 & 2 background*

I found globally the game mechanics success, a good compromise between tabletop D&D and game. this is not a small feat. so I won't suggest anything or feedback on this because, As much as I like D&D or games they re rule as to be put apart and blending them for vise vesa will just break one an other. I give you my hat for that.

but just on creation part which as little or so change on playability, would you be so kind to add these or look into it(if not already discuss and eventually there):

-on character creation stat rolling would be so D&D and user experience friendly, adding all the method if so.
throw 8 number stat take the 6 you want or roll each stat and switch 2 for 1 point around. etc. right now, level creation just look plain esthetic for little stat control you have.

-from baldurs gate, save your character import - export this really need to be there. if you want multi player game play. in the days playing with friend with each a character on there own made the game feel truly D&D.

-the possibility to play with a party made of your character, followed by npc is good and all but (still from baldur gate 1&2) the fun of relationship with compagnon ? go for it if you like but … for the most of us who doesn't really care... other then getting achievement for it? let us make our party. One thing I loved to make was not just a player but a party a band of barbare roaming killing there way through quest. A cultist group with a charismatic mage, weak like a twig but walled by meats tank. I would do that a lot in the old days.

and right now your game make it even easier, with camp the npc story can still be pick along for a wild without little effect to the game. let be fair, if people arg user experience going to be effected it will and its the whole point. I really want to make a pack of eldritch warlock burning all those who not believe in the good name of the one and only Yog-Sothoth.

I am pretty sur the concept is already in for multiplayer if not. and a party is created with one character made and all the other pick a npc...this ... player will play but... you will drop one of the must liked aspect of D&D the Character created and played by you.

resumed. let in multiplayer, each player, play with there own created character in a party, and in single player let us do the same by importing them or just created 4.

the mechanics is there. in the old baldur gate doing it put all character with the power of your father becoming stronger. in bg3 its bound to the clas you have and all npc got also the pick on it.

- for last Custom Class (homebrew) one of the thing d&D 5 did was you can make your damn s*** go for it easy. And it would be awesome bg3 let you custom all the way to the ground your class.

to start, you pick a class which is your mold, and from there you pick all your stuff darkknight. paladin using only necrotic spell ba bli blue

grave digger, ranger necro and on and on.

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