+1 i hadnt commented on this thread yet, but wanted to add a +1 to say that i agree with the others who have also posted here with concerns about how party management/movement is handled in game to get it back towards the top lists (jumping for each individual party members comes to mind). i found party movement both difficult to control and not really intuitive for a player new to larian's systems with the locking/unlocking mechanic

i would also add to this that the current operation of the camera control, mainly the locked camera/zoom angle, does party management no favors and can make it also difficult to navigate the map

some ppl also mentioned party formations above, and while i think this would be a nice feature to include (like the original bg games), i dont think party formations is as high a priority at this stage of the game - particularly if party size is set at 4, bc with 4 party members is party formation really impactful? i see it mostly as front/backline and thats it with 4 members, whereas with 6 i could see some more applicability.