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Astarion os not gay.

I am pretty sure he is bi

I'm pretty sure it goes for everyone in the cast.
It seems to be the new standard.
Everyone must be pansexual otherwise someone in the audience will take it as a personal offense and a form of discrimination.

Playersexual is a term I've heard bandied about, and I like that one myself. I personally lump the lack of preference into the 'bears and male voices for girls/female voices for guys' thing. Some people will want it, most won't care (my camp), and most importantly: don't have to code gender checks, so you don't have to code as much, so less code to break, and less work!

From Astarion's backstory with his old master, he is definitely bisexual(not by choice imo).

Shadowheart is not a playersexual companion(she commented on me getting with Astarion, but she has no interest in a girl), and I like how there are characters who have their own preferences. It completely destroys character writing, if you write them to cater to political correctness.

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