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- Pushing is toxic: As a bonus action, this is really really strong. You can displace enemy positions, push them off cliffs for large damage or into the void for an insta-kill. You only realize how toxic this really is when you're on the receiving end which I learned in the Underdark/Goblin Camp. I feel it needs to be bumped into an action considering how powerful the Push/Shoot or Cast is for ranged characters and also reduce toxicity levels when fighting in multi-story rooms.

Pushing and disengage should probably both be actions with rogues getting an option to use disengage as a bonus action. I've seen a lot of people say this. Also the game desperately needs a move quietly check happening since cone of sight stealth is ridiculously overpowered. You can easily sneak up on enemies as a full plate fighter since the only stealth check is when people are looking at you.

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