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- The magnetism of the Absolute - Lets say there is a feeling of shared connection. You meet people who were on the ship too who do not trust you - your entire party, for instance. Yet you walk into a goblin fortress as a tiefling and a drow warlord is like "yo, I feel connected. Go slaughter a village for me then we are gonna sacrifice them onto the altar of the absolute and we'll have sex on their blood". Bruh, I just got out of hell like 3 days ago and accidentally found this place. You're not moving in yet, we arent even dating, why is this going so fast?! The majority of time the brain slug has only garnered distrust from others because they know what it is and that everyone who has one is a risk. Its only the people without them who are gettingg mind controlled who think its pretty great. I just dont see it as a believable wand-wave for things going that well. Its why I mentioned the quests. "fine, I sense you might be useful. Now prove it.

I am planning an Evil EA playthrough but have been watching Let's Plays and can confirm that the initial scene with Minthara is confusing and underwhelming. Walking into Minthara's lair a total stranger and instantly being awarded with a crucial mission just does not make any sense, unless Minthara is barking mad. But that's not how she is presented in the game, she comes across as a zealot for the Absolute but that still doesn't explain her unusual instant trust for the PC.

The absolute actually want's you dead both Minthara and the always dead cleric goblin make this abundantly clear. The cleric just purely wants you gone, Minthara wants to use you and sees the lust in bloodlust during the druid circle attack. She is also VERY into power, and if you can convince her that you HAVE the power, then she will follow.