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I'm starting to wonder if some of these threads are nothing more than trolls trying to get everyone riled up. I notice in these threads the OP never responds. Maybe because they are nothing more than trolls.

This is for Feedback and Suggestions, not Thesis and Rebuttal. The OP made their point and moved on, what do you want them to do? Fight about it? Who the hell has the time to argue with people like Orbax. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from further commentary. Since I am already responding:


All of the writing could be much improved but the NPCs and their interactions with the player are the least enjoyable.

I also notice that people use the Feedback & Suggestion forum interchangeably with the General forum. It's not about fighting with someone about what we have to say but some of these forums can get a little aggressive. As for her points, that her biased opinion. I've seen quite a lot of people make threads to the developers and trying to force what they want in the game and when others come in to disagree, it's all about "If I don't get what I want then the game is trash" or "This is not DnD to me so fix it". Instead of giving good constructive criticism about the game or the mechanics of the game. For example, the game has a lot of glitches but instead on focusing on things like that, people want to nitpick the game for the smallest unimportant things.