Well I guess we'll all feel differently about the companions, but singling out Wyll specifically as having intolerable arrogance in a cast that includes Lae'zel, Shadowheart and Astarion is wild to me. And that's before you learn more about Wyll and see that his bravado is not all that it seems.

Shadowheart gives you crap for just opening a door after hearing noises from the inside, because wHaT iF tHeRe'S dAnGeR like I didn't just demolish a whole goblin camp. Like girl shutup.

Meanwhile even if you don't take Wyll...
to the goblin camp when it's his plan and defeating the leaders is his goal, he lets you know that he's disappointed but glad you still got the job done. Even congratulates you on your efforts at the party.

So all in all, Wyll is an actual bro and I really look forward to seeing where his personal story leads.