Hello! New to this forum business, but I really want to help with my feedback and my personal thoughts. Others may not agree and I am a casual gamer. I do have a lot of background when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons (but mainly homebrew stuff on making my own world and stuff). Anyways, here we go.

So far, I've played through one character. A Tiefling Warlock. I believe I just hit level 4 not to long ago and just hit the point where I can't go no further. I have a few recommendations and other things that I'd like to offer or point out.

1. When I have been exploring or just merely walking around, the Tiefling's tail likes to spaz out a lot. It's just a small bug but for smoothness sake on how the game looks, can we please do something about that? Tried showing my friends the gameplay and they wanna second think about it because weird stuff like that would happen. Lets get that final project that smoothness all us gamers enjoy! Side note, the tail should also be customizable. Like if we want it rigged or smooth. The arrowhead tip or just a regular extended end. I think it would be awesome for more customization on that behalf. Another thing with the Tiefling, GIVE US THE HOOVES! I want to have them hooves. They have them in the books (purely cosmetic) so throw them our way. You can easily just reskin the shoes/foot wear as cuff lings around or above the hooves.

2. Companion dialogues tend to loop, making you lose or gain disapproval/approval when already clicking on the option prior. I have gained so much disapproval with Shadowheart just by miss clicking an option, it's insane. I think even if you loop the dialogue, make it so the disapproval/approval doesn't happen if you clicked it prior to doing it again.

3. Please bring some more aspects with improvised weaponry and unarmed combat. I'm sure you don't plan on bringing in the monk class, but give us something to work with. I like doing unarmed combat. Makes me feel like a badass.

4. Give a brief tutorial message on bartering. I nearly lost all my equipment and junk by giving it away without asking for something or how much gold to receive from the shopkeep. I'm sure people made the same mistake, it sucks not knowing and losing a lot. Also, I recommend instead of double clicking or dragging the items to the bartering panel, just make it one click. I'm known for collecting a lot of stuff to sell, but I don't wanna sit there and double click/drag on every single thing when it could be just a simple click.

5. This one is more of a personal preference. I would like to hear my character talk a little more than he does. You guys got decent graphics, add some small speech with the dialogue choices at least. NPC's talking to me while I stare at them makes me feel kinda silly.

6. Natural 20 rolls on skill checks should add a little more flavor. For example, when I was doing a check to see what completely sucked the boar dry it just gave me the normal amount of info as it would if I passed normally. Maybe in that specific scenario, give like a hint. Saying it could be a vampire, or something a little more specific. Showing the bite marks of 2 fanged like teeth.

7. What happened to Wyll? I asked him to go back to camp and he completely vanished. It's like he went M.I.A. Please do something about that. Would like to know the character instead he just goes missing.

8. Screen adjustments. Please do something about this. I try clicking somewhere but it'll think I'm clicking on the surface above me and it gets quite annoying really fast.

9. Cut scenes are a little off. When I am in dialogue or a cut scene that involves my character, it moves slightly off and it looks like he is touching air when he should be touching someone. Or the NPC/my character wont even appear on the screen but still be talking.

10. I don't know if this was just a freak coincidence, but when I was fighting off the Tyr loving people (you know the ones hired to kill the Tiefling beside the river that is bleeding out because she left Zariel) Astarian was knocked prone and did not do a single thing the entire fight. I will move him, but he'll just go right back to the spot I moved and say I already used all my movement. Same thing with actions.

11. When I was doing the final mission(ish) and I joined the goblins on attacking the grove, I did not break initiative when there was NO creatures around. Well, there was one inside the druid's leader's area, but he didn't move or anything. So it was a nuisance when going from the gate in initiative the whole way down there still in initiative.

12. PLEASE, by the gods and the hells, please add music during the sex scene. I loved it because I'm as perverted as the next gamer, but oh my. Hearing silence and a cackling fire while they are completely silent. Kind of weird. Maybe even add moans, but please add something. The silence is killer.

Alright, hope this comes of help. I plan to do the next character and add some more notes. Besides these points, I really love the game. I can't wait for the final release. You guys are doing spectacular. Love the looks, really nicely flowed combat, and the passive checks are really cool. Customization (besides the points for Tiefling) I have no problems with. I'm enjoying it all. Keep up the good work, and I'll make sure I add some more stuff when I have more tips/advice.

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