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I'm a mature female gamer and I find the romance interests in this game to be awful. I'm playing as a female ranger and my options are 1. a gay vampire, & 2. a soyboy magician with a girly British accent. Almost finished with the Druid's grove so I don't know how good Wyll will be yet. I usually play a male (cause I like to look at them!) and even there all I get are two vicious angry females with bad attitudes. Really, Larian, you can do better than this! Do you have something against women? Are you all so 'woke' you can't create a 'manly' man for us straight women to interact with? Or a nice female companion who doesn't have a chip on her shoulder? Not much difference between Shadowheart (dumb name) and Lae'zel that I can see. I sincerely wanted a cool guy like Ifan with a sexy, deep voice for a romance! I've played both the Divinity Original Sin games and a couple of the older Divinity games and hopefully, since this is early access, you'll add some better characters, both male and female. I can't believe most gamers are satisfied with this lame bunch.

I am also a female gamer and I don't see what the issue is here. We will be getting more companions and I bet there will be good ones and neutralish good ones. Probably will be a couple "manly" (whatever the hell you mean by this) ones and a couple with "nice" attitudes, although having a bad attitude makes sense considering the tadpole situation. I play both male and female characters and depending on how I have created them is how they will react to the others. I don't play these games as if I am in the game having the romance, perhaps this is different to you?

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I couldn't have said it better myself. I personally love that none of them are pure little perfect angels. The fact that they are so imperfect is what makes them more endearing as characters. I don't want a romance character where they agree with everything I say and look perfect. Plenty of other games do that and I got sick of it.

Agree 100%. No one is perfect and everyone will irritate you at some point in their life.

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I feel exactly the opposite, companions being build like this makes them more realistic, everyone is the MC of their on lives, companions in most games are build as Just followers, here they are build as actual independent characters ready to Go their own way If need be. That doesn't make you MC Lesser, just more equal, which is exactly the feeling an adventurer should have on a DnD party...

It is nice to have other possible equals in a game. So sick of always being the "chosen one" or at least the one the story revolves around always.

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Thats why its fun being a DM - you get to scar your players for life and make it so they never trust anything again.

Haha, my current DnD character is afraid of ever opening a chest again. :P As the player I am sad at all the potential loot lost.

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I wonder who my fellow female players find the most interesting for romance? And also did anyone romance Will? I have no idea how to trigger his romance and I have the highest approval.

Depends on the character I am playing. Also have only had the Minthara scene, don't have approval enough in any other plays with the others.
Male Drow Warlock - got the Minthara scene, there is potential for manipulation there and he could betray her easily but for now she could be useful
Male Tiefling Fighter - High respect for Lae'zel, they are similar in personality and he may want things to go further
Female Half Drow Rogue - Doesn't care about that sort of thing. Gale is really interesting though.
Male Drow Ranger "Lolth Sworn" - Solo play so had only met Lae'zel on the ship. Possibly Karlach depending on how the story goes but he may have other things to worry about. :P
Haven't figured out good character concepts for Shadowheart or Astarion relationships yet and Wyll is either dead or bugged in most of my plays.