Posted separately but in case meant to go here.

It's now impossible for me to get to Halsin / complete that quest chain.

The transition door from the shattered sanctum to the worg pens is not indestructible, and caught fire in the fight with the goblins in that room (sharp eye nass and co).

And because the door was destroyed, and the time taken searching the rest of the complex meant I didnt have a save from before then, that quest is borked for me.

Other small things:

Cure light and all other cleric spells are wizard scrolls apparently and can add them to spellbook!
Also hit the Ethel bug, using area effects revealed her near the cage but she didnt respond / interact as I killed her, though the quest did complete. And then when used the wand to res Connor, the pregnant wife just ran off rather than any interaction.
The inn that burns down, saved both NPCs but the journal updated to say we hadnt saved anyone but should still look for the grand duke