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I love Wyll. He is the first chaotic neutral character I have seen done with nuance.

And if you think Wyll isn’t chaotic neutral:

when given the chance he tortures an innocent man for information on where to find his patron. This is chaotic neutral. It’s not just an alignment for lunatics, but also somebody’s whose sense of morality is entirely contingent. Wyll will teach refugee children self defense one day (especially when he knows others are watching him do it) but kill a foe whom surrenders or torture an innocent man the next.

This is why Wyll is my favorite companion so far.

Wait, where did he torture someone? It does not make sense for him to be CN when his patron is clearly LE. That is almost oppositional in terms of alignment. I am not sure what about any of that is CN; it definitely is not good but it could just as well be N(E) or even LE in some context

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