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I'm a mature female gamer and I find the romance interests in this game to be awful. I'm playing as a female ranger and my options are 1. a gay vampire, & 2. a soyboy magician with a girly British accent. Almost finished with the Druid's grove so I don't know how good Wyll will be yet. I usually play a male (cause I like to look at them!) and even there all I get are two vicious angry females with bad attitudes. Really, Larian, you can do better than this! Do you have something against women? Are you all so 'woke' you can't create a 'manly' man for us straight women to interact with? Or a nice female companion who doesn't have a chip on her shoulder? Not much difference between Shadowheart (dumb name) and Lae'zel that I can see. I sincerely wanted a cool guy like Ifan with a sexy, deep voice for a romance! I've played both the Divinity Original Sin games and a couple of the older Divinity games and hopefully, since this is early access, you'll add some better characters, both male and female. I can't believe most gamers are satisfied with this lame bunch.

Im a straight man, around 30. I agree with this person that the romance part of the game was NOT a good experience for me. not only talking with the character feel rough and unpolished, the worst part of the experience came after saving the groove from the goblin (good path). For some reason ALL the character at the camp wanted a piece of my ass, even if it made No sens at all (i had lot of disapproval with some of them during dialogue and stuff). I'd recommend this : first, i am very okay with the idea that you are trying to create romance path for LGBTQ. but i would argue that there should be at one point in the game (option or at the beginning ? ) a way for people to decide if they want the romance experience from the point of view of a straight, or LGBTQ. everybody would feel better that way. Second, i'd say that "romance" is very poorly written. there is NO nuance, in how people approach you. And i hope your writer have plan to add more nuance to those characters because right now they feel too caricatural. and yes, to me the man character have very weak presence atm. i agree with her .