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Torn between knowing if a roll was made or not. I don't mind the randomness on if you succeed, but by informing me I failed, I know that I should reload until I succeed (I KNOW there is something there, just need it to be revealed, versus I never knew in the first place. This is like saying "there is something hidden roll to find out if you notice there is something hidden"...but you just told me it was hidden!)

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Just make it same as in work in P&P.
Stealth passive perception check, with only success been revealed.
If player suspect something in there he my attempt single perception check, or multiple investigation checks. Just as above - only success been revealed.

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A thought:

Hide the 'perception failed' popup to avoid player metagaming, but keep the 'perception success!' result.

At a 'perception success' result, have the camera FOCUS on the thing that was revealed for a short amount of time OR make it's glow last longer; more often than not, with me looking ahead for threats, a perception will succeed, I'll hear 'Oh , that should be worth checking out', only to scroll back and have no idea what was revealed because it was a: too small or b: isn't an obvious difference in the scene.

This. I would like to know of the roll only if it was a successful one. Otherwise you fall into metagame trying your luck with every character and animal companion in your party, it's ugly to see. If I failed to notice something why should I be able to call all of my pals to make them do the same check?