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Well, being technical with how odds works, it would be unrealistic.

Side notes:
- There are also only 30 gods in the Forgotten Realms
- There aren't THAT many planes , especially if you exclude transitive, the never used "quasi-transitive" and Sigi - which, btw, I would rather DIE than pronounce SIG-il.
- The Hells are frequented by many across spheres and planes, but those are individuals who typically have the means to and want more power than they currently have - mages and the like. More often people beseech devils and summon them from where they are and make their bargains that way. This just happened to feel like it because a city that is about 1 day away from you just returned from it and its leaving some ripples.


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Well, according to the creator of the Realms (Ed Greenwood), bisexuality is far more common in the Realms than on Earth. But you'd have to be hanging around places like Candlekeep (forum) to know that, since it's never really stated in the text. Pretty much par for the course to be quite honest, because even with this being a thing for ages, we've hardly seen any queer characters in any of the text related to the Realms (rulebooks, modules, or novels).

There are way more than 30 gods in the Realms. There were three 2nd Edition "God books": Faiths and Avatars, Powers and Pantheons, and Demihuman Deities which fully explained and detailed all the Religions of the Realms. Several human pantheons, one pantheon for every race (with two for elves, because drow). I suspect you're quoting from dndbeyond.com, which says in the basic rules that there are "at least thirty deities" (italics for emphasis). Since 2nd Edition there's been far less coverage of deities of the Realms, and the lists provided aren't always complete.

As for Sigil. It is a word that means a sign or symbol usually associated with ritual magic. So, I pronounce it SIJ-il (English is my first language, and I'm Australian so keep accents in mind here). Sigil resides at the centre of the plane called the Concordant Opposition also known as the Outlands.

But you're right, visiting the planes is a very rare occurrence, usually limited to powerful adventurers/beings, and the occasional innocent bystander. (But if you really want to visit them, look for the Wild Goose Inn in Arabel, Cormyr. See also the World Serpent Inn.) Also, it should be mentioned that the entire city of Eltruel got sucked into the Hells recently in Realms history, the tieflings you meet in BG3 come from there, having escaped before that tradegy.


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