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*adjusts glasses*

Well, being technical with how odds works, it would be unrealistic.

Side notes:
- There are also only 30 gods in the Forgotten Realms
- There aren't THAT many planes , especially if you exclude transitive, the never used "quasi-transitive" and Sigi - which, btw, I would rather DIE than pronounce SIG-il.
- The Hells are frequented by many across spheres and planes, but those are individuals who typically have the means to and want more power than they currently have - mages and the like. More often people beseech devils and summon them from where they are and make their bargains that way. This just happened to feel like it because a city that is about 1 day away from you just returned from it and its leaving some ripples.


As for Sigil. It is a word that means a sign or symbol usually associated with ritual magic. So, I pronounce it SIJ-il (English is my first language, and I'm Australian so keep accents in mind here). Sigil resides at the centre of the plane called the Concordant Opposition also known as the Outlands.

I'm just gonna go ahead and end this unnecessary discussion about my name: its my nickname, related to my last name. has nothing to do with sigil or whatever. but please, argue about that rather than the point I made.

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Reading through these replies people seem to be more content with arguing with each other based on credentials that mean absolutely nothing. It's common sense that you cannot please everyone at the same time but is this really the case in this instance? What would prevent Larian from including a 'sexuality' option in character creation which tailors companion sexuality to your preference? This way you would never have to interact with sexuality and advances that you are not interested in.

No one but inflammatory trolls want to see options removed. What people want is to not have sexuality that does not reflect them pushed in their face which does happen to a certain degree in the current state of the game. Just as a homosexual woman doesn't want the advances of men a straight man does not want the advances of other men and who you are should have no impact on whether you should have the liberty of not being sexually harassed in game.

I would also like to point out that it being high fantasy does not mean that it does not have to be realistic. There is such a thing as narrative cohesion which is considered of paramount important in fictional writing and I would suggest you research the subject and educate yourself as using this crux detracts from your argument even when it is absolutely correct.

and thanks for this, couldn't have said it better.

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