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This circular debate is exercise in futility ultimately because it's about preference, feelings and a sense of entitlement for the one side that hates turn-based combat.

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This isnt true. TB system is a niche and favored by some, but real time gaming is basicly the standard in all games, ecxept those which are pure tactical (civilization etc). Im pretty sure this will reach a broader customer base if it is real time, or we had the option to choose.
The reason D&D is TB is because it is not a video game. There are plenty if things in BG3 that doesnt reflect D&D, so this should not be the reason to exclude real time combat.

If they want the game to reach heights like Dragon age, Witcher and Skyrim they need more immersive combat in real time to appeal to the average rpg-joe.

Whereas you're not totally wrong, your argument is not well thought-out. Action-combat certainly is more accessible to a broader audience than turn-based, pretty much in the same way football is a more popular sports than chess. You seem to not understand why chess exists in the world of football. Niches exists because they cater to a field not overcrowded. Same thing is true for D&D and BG3.

Your argument is to throw the baby out with the bathwater simply because BGS diverts from tabletop D&D 5e in some ways. Such a game would not really be D&D, it would be Forgotten Realms at best. A game loosely based around the world setting and broader game system in general.

that might be very true. all i ever want is BG2 in 3D smile